Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Contest and Other Stories, Phase II

Le Chevalier Au Fleurs - Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse, 1894

April already! The days are racing past. I had plans to invite more guest bloggers here at Jellyfish Day since fantasy writer Andy Peloquin graciously wrote a guest post in January, but my nose has been to grindstone with client editing as well as preparing The Contest and Other Stories for publication. The full-color early bird PDF is complete and I'm distributing it to readers who are pre-ordering it.

We're pleased to have received some good reviews - readers are sampling the stories and enjoying them!

Our favorite cover artist is booked out several months and so we've delayed the print book publication - there will be both a BW interior softcover AND a full-color interior print book - and we're looking at an early August publication of those. The .mobi and .epub ebooks will also be delayed until August because those will also require the front cover image.

Our first Indiegogo campaign came to a close and because we're gathering steam slowly, we've opened The Contest and Other Stories, Phase II campaign.

Our $5 early bird PDF has proved to be the most popular item so far (unfortunately, none of the old donations show up on the new campaign), so the Phase II is shiny new with just a donor or two. You can pre-order from the Indiegogo campaign (there are many perks available there for various donation levels. You can also Paypal $5 to katerwriter @ gmail dot com for the early bird PDF, which is basically the full-color interior of the print book. A ganga bargain!

We are grateful to each and every potential reader of this fun and thought-provoking project. Five of the short stories inspired by paintings are previously published in journals, and at least one of them, “Night Café” still appears online since winning a New Short Fiction Award at Jerry Jazz Musician.

“Cheater” first appeared in Western Weird, Volume 4, Manifest West Series, (Western Press Books - Western State Colorado University, 2015).

“Night Café” won the quarterly New Short Fiction Award (Jerry Jazz Musician, 2012).

“Lost Memories” first appeared in The Memory Eaters anthology (CP Anthologies, 2012).

“A Twisted Garden” first appeared as “The Yellow House” in Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy (May December Publications, 2011).

“The Snow Globe” first appeared in Best Served Cold: An Eye for an Eye (Runewright LLC, 2011).
 You can read full details about the authors and the collection at The Contest and Other Stories, Phase II or at Tootie-Do Press.

Thank you for your support!

Authors Joe DiBuduo & Kate Robinson