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Why hire an editor?
Sometimes writers need a fresh pair of eyes, some pre-pub polish, or coaching to hone their writing chops.
::: Starstone Lit Services specializes in proofreading, editing, evaluation, and creative consultation for fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction writers. Experienced, thoughtful evaluation and editing of soft sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism,slipstream, historical, chick lit, thriller, mystery, and literary works; poetry, memoir, and young adult / new adult, and juvenile fiction and nonfiction.
::: Consultation, editing, and ethical proofreading for academic writers : term papers, theses, dissertations, journal articles; for publishers and business professionals: narrative nonfiction and textbook manuscripts, resumes, brochures, business letters, print or internet advertising, blog and website copy. Indexing services for selected nonfiction topics.
::: Print book interior designs to match your cover design, and e-book conversions for all standard manuscripts. Amazon and Smashwords manuscript and cover download assistance.      
::: Reasonable per page rate, reasonable turnaround. Free 5-page sample edit/evaluation/estimate for book-length manuscripts, 1-3 pages for academic papers / short manuscripts.
::: Blocked? Need coaching? On a budget but need direction? Inquire about econo-evals!
Whether you're an emerging or an expert writer, author Kate Robinson will assist you in birthing your fascinating, award-winning book! 

::: For more information about me, my writing, and my freelance editing, proofreading, and creative consultation at Starstone Lit Services, please see these links:

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::: You may contact me directly at katerwriter at gmail dot com 

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